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The Denver Regional Fund (DRF, “Dirf”, The Fund) is a non-profit steward of community funds generated by revenues from community-produced events in accordance with Burning Man’s regional event criteria. The board members provide a 3-point perspective on decisions made with the money held in trust, always in the best interest of The Fund and opportunities to build community.

Beginning in 2014, the DRF board formally oversaw and underwrote the entire production of the beloved Denver Decompression event (DeCOmp). Over the years, DRF funds generated from DeCOmp were used to support various local individuals’ participation in the Global Leadership Conference hosted by Burning Man as well as other leadership training opportunities. The DRF also supported the creation of Colorado’s own effigy at Black Rock City for the Circle of Regional Effigies in 2016-17.

Recently, the DRF board wishes to expand support to the community as the community has expanded their activities. The impact of the COVID pandemic on collaborative, community-created events has been devastating and so many people are looking to connect, plug in and build up. The DRF wishes to support those efforts now more than ever! Further, the DRF intends to diversify its potential revenue streams so that The Fund is more sustainable and is not at risk if one event is cancelled.

The Board of Directors consists of three Burning Man Regional Representatives:

  • Steve Maruska
  • Caroline Kert
  • Rachel Cain

Below is a list of financial reports provided by the Denver Regional Fund Inc. to maintain transparency.












To contact the Denver Regional Fund, or any of the steering committees, please feel free to email us.

We are consistently searching for new venues. If you know of a venue which would be the perfect home for any of our events, please complete the form below.

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