Denver Regional Fund (DRF) Financial Support

The DRF is excited to now offer 3 tiers of financial support for

  • Colorado-focused community organizations who are…
  • Working to build community through creativity, co-creation
  • Using the framework of Burning Man’s 10 Principles as a guide

All decisions are made by a consensus of the DRF board members (all appropriate measures are taken to eliminate conflicts of interest, nepotism) and funding support is subject to oversight by the same group. The group is intentionally small so that decisions can be made quickly and nimbly, in the best interest of the Fund and opportunity to build community. For more about the Denver Regional fund, go to the About Page.

In addition to DRF-specific, tier-level requirements, all awardees are also required to adhere to the guidelines set forth (and modified at any time) by Burning Man:

  1. Refrain from using Burning Man intellectual property without license
  2. Follow all 10 Principles
  3. Net revenues may only be used to support and manifest the 10 Principles and not to the personal benefit of one individual or camp
  4. Submit an After Burn report within 30 days of the event

To begin a conversation about these types of support please email the board of the DRF at

Tier 1: $2,500 Loan

Terms: Repay in full, no interest

Requirements: Full document is here.

Goal: To provide a short-term loan for a specific cost which is essential to the execution of a project which is intended to generate revenue.

Awardees: Art in Community (2019)

Tier 2: $5,000 Grant

Terms: No repayment needed

Requirements: Full document is here.

Goal: To fund parts of events which benefit the entire community, like art grants, but that are not intended to generate revenue.

Awardees: Art in Community (2020), Circle of Regional Effigies (2016, 2017), and Global Leadership Conference participants (2017).

Tier 3: Full event underwriting

Terms: 40/60 split of revenues, in favor of DRF

Requirements: Full document is here.

Goal: To provide broad financial support along with oversight for projects which intend to generate revenue. Funds can be used to purchase event insurance, venue space, and provide art grants.

Awardees: Denver Regional Decompression (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), Colorado Burnal Equinox (2019, 2021)