Colorado Burnal Equinox (CBE)

The midpoint between burns, the Burnal Equinox, is Colorado’s latest installment of a Burning Man Regional Event. This new event, while similar to Denver DeCOmp, will keep the Burning Man Spirit thriving during the cold winter months. 

Join us as we gather to celebrate art, music, performance art, fire, and our community. The event venue will have both inside and outside stages, along with art and gathering spaces. Costumes are encouraged, especially ones ready for the unpredictable Colorado weather. For more information, check out the sections below or our FAQ page.

)'( Welcome to Colorado’s Burnal Equinox!!!! )'(

This is CO’s latest edition of an Official Burning Man Sanctioned Regional Burn. While the Burning Man organization has no involvement with the actual production of this event, the event will follow the tenets provided by Burning Man and (y)our Community of the 10 Principles. Read more about those here.

What is Colorado Burnal Equinox?

This depends totally on you, the participant. What do you want from a early spring burn? What do you think (y)our community wants? How can you contribute? What we are creating is a canvas for you to build upon. We do our best to keep your options unrestricted. We are required to follow all Federal, State and local laws but beyond that you are free to be and create the person you are or have always wanted to be. You are encouraged to create and display art that means something to you.


This year we are hosting a number of workshops throughout the day/night at CBE. Click on the link below to see the list of workshops, their details, and the schedule:



Photo by Deejay Foto

Photo by Deejay Foto

We are encouraging EVERY SINGLE PARTICIPANT to volunteer. There are many opportunities to volunteer for the all volunteer group that are helping facilitate the event. There are endless ways to contribute to the event and the experience that ShamFrost is. If you volunteer there are additional gate hours and extra time available for the event and (y)our experience. There will be much more information on that, but in the meantime signup for a shift before all the good ones are taken(like there is a bad shift 🙂 )

(voldb coming soon)

Kids )'(

We love having children at our events for many reasons, first and foremost is the fact that kids remind us adults how to play. They also show us how to love unconditionally and the value of honesty and integrity. We know that attending events can be difficult when you have children in your family and to offset those challenges we are offering FREE admission to children under 16 each with a paying parent that will be responsible for that child. If the child breaks any rules/laws the child and the parent responsible will be asked to leave the event. We hope that this gift will be respected and will demonstrate a new model for other events. We also encourage parents bringing kids to help their children find appropriate ways to volunteer for the event. Contributing shows kids the value of communal effort and possibilities when we all come together for a specific objective.

We have no plan to dictate placement beyond the large open area to those familiar with the property. (IE if you want to camp in the loop area, make sure you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle and/or a sled to get your gear out there 😉 but we will not be placing out there and it will remain first come first served)

Safety Third

Our medical team, otherwise known as Safety Third, are always looking for medical volunteers to join their department. As with all other volunteer roles, those on the Safety Third Team will receive discounted tickets for their service. 

> > Join the Colorado Burnal Equinox Steering Committee
> > Meet the Colorado Burnal Equinox Steering Committee

Burnal Equinox Art and Performances

Photo by Matt Brooks

Do you have some art that you’d like to showcase at the Burnal Equinox? There are several locations just perfect for art and we would love for you to share with the community. Are you a performer, fire or otherwise? We want to give you a stage to share your art as well!

For something completely different this year, we’ll be hosting a TALENT SHOW! Can you sing? Got some jokes to tell? How about juggling rubber chickens while reciting the Burning Man 10 Principles? If you would like to share your talent, art, or fire performance, please click the link below to submit for your time slot. Time is limited, so make sure you submit your form today!

> > Register Your Talent and/or Art Here


Photo by RevTTT

Photo by RevTTT

We will have a lottery for the ten(10) music slots available on the indoor stage. If you are playing on one of the theme camp managed outdoor stage(s), you will not be able to play on the indoor stage. Music acts requiring space/time for extensive sound set-up may not be eligible to play.

The Bass Boss is responsible for all sound above a camp level. The event is not sponsoring any large sound at this time, so it is up to you to determine if you want to contribute in this way. We recommend bringing clear crisp sound, over loud sound if this is your art. The Bass Boss will have final say over any levels and can require that you turn down your sound at any time and especially during our quiet(er) hours.

> >Register for Music Here 

Theme Camps

Photo by Bacon Jake

Photo by Bacon Jake

The Burnal Equinox is the perfect event to bring a little (or a lot) of your theme camp from your home on the Playa. We’re looking for art, lounges, entertainment, shelters, and heaters to join us this spring. If you are a part of a theme camp and would like more information on how you can participate, send an email to our Theme Camp Coordinator. 

This is a great opportunity to share your theme camp with the community. Whether your theme camp has been around for a while, or just starting up, we want you to join us this Spring! We provide the canvas, you bring your paints and together we’ll paint a community picture! 

> > Register Your Theme Camp Here

Leave No Trace

This is a Burning Man Sanctioned Event and as such, please be mindful of the 10 Principles. If you see someone leaving a trace, be a good Burner and remind them to pick up after themselves. This isn’t just a party. This is a chance to reconnect the energies and feelings of the playa and prepare for the coming year. Make this night special for everyone, including our hosts and their neighbors.

Thank you for bringing the spirit of BRC back to Denver and reliving the community connection that makes the Denver Burning Man Community such a magical place!


Photo by Deejay Foto

Photo by Deejay Foto

As with all other official Burning Man Events, meeting notes and an after-event report must be reported. While few of us enjoy pushing paperwork, it is the committee’s responsibility to provide this information to not only the BMOrg, but the community as well.

Meeting notes are updated frequently at the bottom of the Colorado Burnal Equinox Planning Committee page of this website. Once the after-event report is available, that year’s meeting notes and report will be updated to the Archives page of this website.

As with Denver DeCOmp, all committee meetings are open to the public. Meeting dates and locations will be updated on the calender

> > Join the Colorado Burnal Equinox Steering Committee

Helpful Hints

Arrive early! You have a short time to make the most of your Burnal Equinox and just like the playa, the time will slip by faster than you know! This isn’t the same ole party that happens in Denver every weekend. This is a chance to bring the love, hope, and connection that means so much to you at BRC back home!

A spring event in Colorado is a bit different. The weather could be snowy, it could be rainy, or it could be sunny and 70 degrees. It’s a perfect opportunity to share all your sparkle, leather, lace and/or fur! Leave the default wardrobe at home and make this a night of adventure! Just plan accordingly; bring your coat, your rain boots, and sunscreen. 

Bring what ever you think you’ll need for the day/night. As a reminder, we have an FAQ page for your reference.

When leaving the event late night/early morning, please make sure you respect the neighbors and keep your voices down to a low rumble.


Click here to purchase tickets: (Buy tickets on a computer and avoid Firefox)

To participate in Colorado Burnal Equinox, you must have a ticket. Whether it be a General Sales Ticket or Discounted Volunteer Ticket, everyone participating in Colorado Burnal Equinox will need a ticket. Please help out those community members that can’t afford a higher priced ticket by supporting our event at the most comfortable ticket level you can afford!

Volunteers receive a discount on their ticket using a unique code given to them by the Volunteer and Ticketing Team. You must use this code to receive your discount. If you would like to volunteer, check out our volunteer section above.

As a family friendly event, 17 and under is FREE with parent or guardian. Wristbands are available only at door. Everyone under the age of 18 will need to leave by 9pm. 18+ regular ticket price with ID.

For entry you must print out your scannable ticket or bring your mobile device with the scannable ticket as sent by Ticketfly.
Please note that to gift or resell your ticket simply provide the scannable ticket from Ticketfly to the purchaser.


Door Sales: We do not anticipate there being door sales. If, however, we do not sell out prior to the event, we will sell the remaining tickets at the door. As we get closer to the event, we will update this section on whether tickets will be available at the door. In the event that there are tickets available at the door, there will be no cash sales, credit card only. No will call.

Venue Information

The location this year, for the first 48 hour rendition of this 4th year event is a plot of land that many in the CO community have infused with so much love about 3 miles down HWY 68 from HWY 285 at the Bailey turn off.

Will it be Cold?

It is very probably that this will be be the coldest “Burn” you have ever attended. There appears to be only one other Official Event that has similar conditions and that is FrostBurn. They have been running that event for at least 8 years and have gathered a ton of valuable information in their survival guide which I recommend everyone that would like to attend CBE should read.
Preparation for the weather is paramount to having a positive transformative experience. Take time to educate yourself on the best ways to keep yourself conformable and safe in the mountains during the winter(Radical Self Reliance). We have approached several self proclaimed enthusiasts of winter camping and asked for tips and techniques. As we receive them we will make them as available as possible. If you feel you have ways to contribute to this please do so as you see fit. It is (y)our Community that makes all of these things possible.


If you have any questions about any of the above, please email us at If you know of a venue that would be perfect for DeCOmp, please complete the form below.

> > Venue Suggestion Form