Colorado Burnal Equinox (CBE)

The midpoint between burns, the Burnal Equinox, is Colorado’s latest installment of a Burning Man Regional Event. This new event, while similar to Denver DeCOmp, will keep the Burning Man Spirit thriving during the cold winter months. 

Join us as we gather to celebrate art, music, performance art, fire, and our community. The event venue will have both inside and outside stages, along with art and gathering spaces. Costumes are encouraged, especially ones ready for the unpredictable Colorado weather. For more information, check out the sections below or our FAQ page.

2019 dates and info coming soon!!!!!!!!!



This year we are hosting a number of workshops throughout the day/night at CBE. Click on the link below to see the list of workshops, their details, and the schedule:



Photo by Deejay Foto

Photo by Deejay Foto

This is an all volunteer-run event. None of the volunteers are paid, but they do receive a guaranteed discounted ticket to the event. We cannot do this without the dedication of volunteers. We heart our volunteers! 

While this event lasts for only 12 hours, volunteers are still needed before, during, and after the event. Each volunteer will be able to purchase a discounted ticket in appreciation of their hard work. From gate to LNT, visuals to safety, all volunteers are welcome.

If you missed out on volunteering for this event, stay tuned to the Denver DeCOmp page as we’ll need volunteers very soon. Thanks to everyone who volunteered!

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Safety Third

Our medical team, otherwise known as Safety Third, are always looking for medical volunteers to join their department. As with all other volunteer roles, those on the Safety Third Team will receive discounted tickets for their service. 

> > Join the Colorado Burnal Equinox Steering Committee
> > Meet the Colorado Burnal Equinox Steering Committee

Burnal Equinox Art and Performances

Photo by Matt Brooks

Do you have some art that you’d like to showcase at the Burnal Equinox? There are several locations just perfect for art and we would love for you to share with the community. Are you a performer, fire or otherwise? We want to give you a stage to share your art as well!

For something completely different this year, we’ll be hosting a TALENT SHOW! Can you sing? Got some jokes to tell? How about juggling rubber chickens while reciting the Burning Man 10 Principles? If you would like to share your talent, art, or fire performance, please click the link below to submit for your time slot. Time is limited, so make sure you submit your form today!

> > Register Your Talent and/or Art Here


Photo by RevTTT

Photo by RevTTT

As with art, music is a large influence within our community. For the Burnal Equinox, we will have one indoor stage.

We will have a lottery for the ten(10) music slots available on the indoor stage. If you are playing on one of the theme camp managed outdoor stage(s), you will not be able to play on the indoor stage. Music acts requiring space/time for extensive sound set-up may not be eligible to play.

> >Register for Music Here 

Theme Camps

Photo by Bacon Jake

Photo by Bacon Jake

The Burnal Equinox is the perfect event to bring a little (or a lot) of your theme camp from your home on the Playa. We’re looking for art, lounges, entertainment, shelters, and heaters to join us this spring. If you are a part of a theme camp and would like more information on how you can participate, send an email to our Theme Camp Coordinator. 

This is a great opportunity to share your theme camp with the community. Whether your theme camp has been around for a while, or just starting up, we want you to join us this Spring! We provide the canvas, you bring your paints and together we’ll paint a community picture! 

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Leave No Trace

This is a Burning Man Sanctioned Event and as such, please be mindful of the 10 Principles. If you see someone leaving a trace, be a good Burner and remind them to pick up after themselves. This isn’t just a party. This is a chance to reconnect the energies and feelings of the playa and prepare for the coming year. Make this night special for everyone, including our hosts and their neighbors.

Thank you for bringing the spirit of BRC back to Denver and reliving the community connection that makes the Denver Burning Man Community such a magical place!


Photo by Deejay Foto

Photo by Deejay Foto

As with all other official Burning Man Events, meeting notes and an after-event report must be reported. While few of us enjoy pushing paperwork, it is the committee’s responsibility to provide this information to not only the BMOrg, but the community as well.

Meeting notes are updated frequently at the bottom of the Colorado Burnal Equinox Planning Committee page of this website. Once the after-event report is available, that year’s meeting notes and report will be updated to the Archives page of this website.

As with Denver DeCOmp, all committee meetings are open to the public. Meeting dates and locations will be updated on the calender

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Helpful Hints

Arrive early! You have a short time to make the most of your Burnal Equinox and just like the playa, the time will slip by faster than you know! This isn’t the same ole party that happens in Denver every weekend. This is a chance to bring the love, hope, and connection that means so much to you at BRC back home!

A spring event in Colorado is a bit different. The weather could be snowy, it could be rainy, or it could be sunny and 70 degrees. It’s a perfect opportunity to share all your sparkle, leather, lace and/or fur! Leave the default wardrobe at home and make this a night of adventure! Just plan accordingly; bring your coat, your rain boots, and sunscreen. 

Bring what ever you think you’ll need for the day/night. As a reminder, we have an FAQ page for your reference.

When leaving the event late night/early morning, please make sure you respect the neighbors and keep your voices down to a low rumble.


To participate in Colorado Burnal Equinox, you must have a ticket. Whether it be a General Sales Ticket or Discounted Volunteer Ticket, everyone participating in Colorado Burnal Equinox will need a ticket. Please help out those community members that can’t afford a higher priced ticket by supporting our event at the most comfortable ticket level you can afford!

Volunteers receive a discount on their ticket using a unique code given to them by the Volunteer and Ticketing Team. You must use this code to receive your discount. If you would like to volunteer, check out our volunteer section above.

As a family friendly event, 17 and under is FREE with parent or guardian. Wristbands are available only at door. Everyone under the age of 18 will need to leave by 9pm. 18+ regular ticket price with ID.

Tier One: $15 – tickets available until this tier is sold out or 11:59pm September 15th , 2018 (which ever comes first)

Tier Two: $20 – tickets available until this tier is sold out or 11:59pm September 29th, 2018 (which ever comes first)

Tier Three: $25 – tickets available until this tier is sold out or 11:59pm October 6th, 2018 (which ever comes first)

Tier Four: $30 – tickets available until this tier is sold out or 11:59pm October 11th, 2018 (which ever comes first)

Tickets are available until sold out for each tier or date listed for the specific tier (which ever comes first). All tickets are on a first come, first served basis. Once tickets have sold out, there are no other tickets available. Final ticket sales (if any are available) will end March 3rd, 2017.

For entry you must print out your scannable ticket or bring your mobile device with the scannable ticket as sent by Ticketfly.
Please note that to gift or resell your ticket simply provide the scannable ticket from Ticketfly to the purchaser.

Door Sales: We do not anticipate there being door sales. If, however, we do not sell out prior to the event, we will sell the remaining tickets at the door. As we get closer to the event, we will update this section on whether tickets will be available at the door. In the event that there are tickets available at the door, there will be no cash sales, credit card only. No will call.

Venue Information

Photo by DeeJayFoto

Photo by DeeJayFoto

Exdo Events Center is not a new location for Denver-area Burners, but it is for DeCOmp. As with other venues we’ve previously used, Exdo has a few rules we need to take into consideration. Please review the list below for specific “do’s and do not’s”.

• Bags will be checked. If you were thinking about smuggling in your last fifth of playa whiskey, please leave that at home. The venue’s security will be asking DeCOmp’ers to open bags for visual checking.
• Speaking of Playa Whiskey, no outside beverages nor food allowed inside the event. While you can purchase food outside at the food trucks/vendors, you’ll need to hang outside while you eat. Remember: there will be some AMAZING artwork, performers, and DJs on the closed-off street!
• DO bring your best playa-wear or better yet, compile a theme-specific costume. The Atomic Age has the potential to be the BOMB theme!
• As with almost every burner-type event, please leave your weapons and drugs at home. That pea-shooter you bought in Winnemucca is included, too! Don’t bring it-it’ll be confiscated and you might be kicked out.
• Do bring empty water bottles or Nalgenes. There will be water available to fill them.
• As per Colorado law, it’s legal to smoke marijuana in your private residence, not in public spaces. Exdo has rules against smoking marijuana inside the venue. Please plan accordingly.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please email us at If you know of a venue that would be perfect for DeCOmp, please complete the form below.

> > Venue Suggestion Form