Denver DeCOmp

The official Regional Burning Man Decompression for Colorado, aka Denver DeCOmp, typically takes place in October, a few short weeks after the man burns. DeCOmp is an annual tradition that supports not only Denver but the entire Rocky Mountain Region. This event provides a space for the community to revel in the spirit of Burning Man whether their last trip to the playa was weeks or years ago. 

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Location: Exdo Event Center, 1399 35th St, Denver, CO 80205

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One of the keys to a successful event is a dedicated volunteer base. We can’t do this without YOU! Planning for the event typically starts in April, and we welcome anyone who wants to bring this community event to life. 

DeCOmp 2016 – photo by Sundrop

This is an all volunteer-run event; no volunteers are paid for their work. You can volunteer before, during or after the event. You can even help transport some of the big art we have planned for the outdoor area. ALL volunteers qualify for volunteer discounted tickets. For information on the discounted volunteer tickets, check out the Ticketing section below. 

For our DeCOmp volunteers, there will be a free Volunteer-Only Pre-Party the night before. This gives our Steering Committee a chance to review last-minute items with the entire volunteer team, volunteers time to help set up and check out the art, artists time to get help setting up their work, and artists, performers, and volunteers time to preview the venue prior to doors opening the next day. The only way to attend the volunteer party is to sign up for a shift! 

Info about signing up for a volunteer shift will be provided soon! You will be directed to our online volunteer scheduling system. Yes, yes, we know it says Apogaea…just trust us. Here, you will be able to select from the available volunteer shifts in real-time. If you have any questions, or need to change your volunteer shift(s), please email us.

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Denver Regional DeCOmp Steering Committee

Art Grants | Theme Camps | Art Cars

Decomp 2016 – photo by Splat

DeCOmp is the perfect place to bring art that made it (or didn’t) out to the playa. There are many locations on site to perfectly showcase the amazing talent in our community. This includes fire art, interactive art, and traditional art. From small to large installations, Denver DeCOmp wants you to bring your art!

The Denver Regional Fund provides grants for each event specifically to support artists and the out-of-pocket costs of producing art. Additionally, participants have the option to donate directly to the art fund when they purchase their tickets.

If you have some art, or would like to inquire about available grants for art, click on the art and granted art link below. You will be directed to our online system where you will be able to send us info on your art and submit your art for available grants. If you have any questions, please email the Art Department directly at the link below.

Art Grant Application Coming Soon!

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DeCOmp 2016 – photo by Bri

We love to showcase the amazing performers in our community. Everything from burlesque to fire-breathing, acrobats to tap dancers, we love all the amazing performers in our community!

In the past, we have had different locations for performers to show us their stuff at Denver DeCOmp. For stage time, a call for Performance Art will be announced well in advance of the event, usually via a link to our sign-up form. In the past, we have had the perfect balance of performers submitting forms to available performance time slots. In the future, depending on how many performers submit their form, we may have to create a selection process. We will, however, make sure the community is informed on the process well in advance. Once the performance link is available, performers will be directed to review important information specific to performers both fire and non-fire. If you have any questions, our performers leads are happy to chat! You can send an email directly to them at the address below.

Performance Application Coming Soon!

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Music has been an integral part of DeCOmp for years and years. In the past, we have had some of the most melodic and dance-inspiring performances this side of the playa. From DJs to violin accompanists to bands, DeCOmp is a wonderful outlet for musicians.

DeCOmp 2016 – photo by Splat

As in years past, those interested in playing music will complete a submission form (see link below). All entries received by the deadline are eligible to play. The sound committee selects musicians at random from the eligible entries until the number of planned slots are full, then assigns each one selected to a time slot on a specific stage. To ensure maximum distribution of participation, a musician will not be scheduled to perform on the main stage in consecutive years.

All types of musicians are welcome! DJs, bands, vocalists, accompanists, kazoos…if you can play it, and want to showcase your music, complete the form below.

DJ/ Sound Performers Application Coming Soon!

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Like taking photos? Want to be one of this year’s event photographers? Use the link below to tell us about your setup and experience!


To participate in Denver deCOmpression, you must have a ticket. Whether it be a General Sales Ticket or Discounted Volunteer Ticket, everyone participating in Denver deCOmpression will need a ticket. Please help out those community members that can’t afford a higher priced ticket by supporting our event at the most comfortable ticket level you can afford!

Volunteers receive a discount on their ticket using a unique code given to them by the ticketing lead. You must use this code to receive your discount. If you would like to volunteer, check out our volunteer section above.

As a family friendly event, 17 and under is FREE with parent or guardian. Wristbands are available at door. Everyone under the age of 18 will need to leave by 9pm. 18+ regular ticket price with ID.

DeCOmp 2016 – photo by Steve


Venue Information

  • Bags will be checked. If you were thinking about smuggling in your last fifth of playa whiskey, please leave that at home. The venue’s security will be asking DeCOmp’ers to open bags for visual checking.
  • Speaking of Playa Whiskey, no outside beverages nor food allowed inside the event. 
  • DO bring your best playa-wear or better yet, compile a theme-specific costume. 
  • As with almost every burner-type event, please leave your weapons and drugs at home. That pea-shooter you bought in Winnemucca is included, too! Don’t bring it-it’ll be confiscated and you might be kicked out.
  • Do bring empty water bottles or Nalgenes. There will be water available to fill them.
  • As per Colorado law, it’s legal to smoke marijuana in your private residence, not in public spaces. Exdo has rules against smoking marijuana inside the venue. Please plan accordingly.
  • DeCOmp is enjoyed by all ages until 9pm, 18+ after 9pm
  • Be aware that you can feed the machine with several local food trucks on site with gluten free & free options available.
  • BYO best expression of the 10 Principles

In 2021, The Denver Regional Fund is not affiliated in any way with the Denver Regional Decompression event. Please direct questions about this to

If you have any questions about any of the above, please email us at