CBE Steering Committee

Meet your Colorado Burnal Equinox Steering Committee below! These volunteers are working hard and planning the event months in advance. Please note, if you see an open role and you would like to find out more about the position, please feel free to contact us via email at Info@DenverBurners.org.

2017 Burnal Equinox Steering Committee


Calamitee Meg Art Grants art@denverburners.org
Nick Art Grants art@denverburners.org
Bobalicious Bookkeeping bob@denverburners.org
Craig Budget  budget@denverburners.org
Calamity Meg Colorado Regional Rep  meg@denverburners.org
BOBalicious Colorado Regional Rep bobalicious@denverburners.org
Dot K Dot Communications/Secretary info@denverburners.org
Grant Entertainment / DJs sound@denverburners.org
Michèlle Entertainment / Live  performers@denverburners.org
Birthday Event  event@denverburners.org
Michelle Fire Safety  firesafety@denverburners.org
Evan Gate  gate@denverburners.org
Patrick Gate  gate@denverburners.org
Lea Gifting  gifting@denverburners.org
Jennifer Operations (permitting, insurance, closures)  operations@denverburners.org
Matt Photo  media@denverburners.org
Nick Placement  placement@denverburners.org
Dave Rangers  rangers@denverburners.org
Joy Recycling(Greener)  lnt@denverburners.org
Tara Safety Third Co-Lead  safety3rd@denverburners.org
Diana Safety Third Co-Lead  safety3rd@denverburners.org
Jerry Setup/Take down setup@denverburners.org
Brandi Talent Show talentshow@denverburners.org
Lea Ticketing Lead tickets@denverburners.org
Marcus Volunteer Coordinator  volunteers@denverburners.org
Bruiser Website Co-Lead  webteam@denverburners.org
Bacon Website Co-Lead  webteam@denverburners.org
Calamitee Meg Workshops  workshops@denverburners.org


All Open Lead Positions

Please contact info@denverburners.org if you are interested in any of these open positions.

Wanna know what’s going on? Check out the meeting minutes!