DeCOmp Steering Committee

Meet your 2018 Denver DeCOmp Steering Committee! They are dedicating MANY volunteer hours to bring the very best DeCOmp possible. The Committee meets twice a month at the beginning of the planning season. As we get closer to the event date, the committee will meet weekly.

Wanna know what’s going on? Check out the meeting minutes!

For an up-to-the-minute meeting invite, please visit the Denver DeCOmp Planning Committee FB page. 

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2018 Denver DeCOmp Steering Committee


Art Grant Committee Angela Japangela, Kate Kelly, Ginger Jones
Budget Lead Chris Dugan
CAD & Venue Map Josh Forster
Colorado Regional Contacts Steve Maruska & So Rachel Cain
Communications, Secretary, & Gifting Lead Liz Taylor
Decor Lead Sam Carstens
Event Manager, Operations, Insurance & Permitting Sante Suffoletta
Fire Performance Lead Paulie Synder
Fire Safety & Placement Nitro Nick Rinaldo
Food & Beverage Portia Velvet
Gate Lead Patrick Karbon
Graphics / Design Jesse Hanshaw
Greeters Cyndi Moon
Leave No Trace (LNT) Lead Devin Jewel
Non-Fire Performance Co-Leads June Rodgers & Nicholson Elliott Neisler
Photography Bruiser Smith
Pleasers Lead Stephanie Amber
Ranger Lead Dave Welly
Safety Third Lead Chris Williams
Sound / DJs / Music Co-Leads Schmid-e WitchTwerk, Bruiser Smith, Brian Seraiah Weatherhead, Steve Mena
Ticketing Lead Lea Flynn
Venue Lead Steve Mena
Volunteer Co-Leads Marcus Nielson & Kate Kelly
Volunteer Party Lead Jenny Wetter
Website Lead Gretsky Von Schtup
Website Tinkerer Bacon Jake
Website Tinkerer Brisket
Workshops Lead Calamitee Meg


Open positions for 2018 Denver DeCOmp:

Radio Lead

Decommodification Lead

Visuals Lead

If you’re interested in an open position, send an email to